Força Martial Arts Academy is now taking new Enrollments for students ages 5-7 and 8-12. 

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Since moving to our ALL NEW state of the art training facility in April, our martial arts academy has continued to experience massive growth. It has been our goal to raise awareness about self-defense, physical wellness, confidence, positivity and bullying in our community since we first opened in 2012.  We are so happy to be working with so many awesome members from the River Valley community.  Our martial arts, self-defense and group fitness programs are truly are for everyone to enjoy.

We are currently offering new sections for our kids and youth martial arts classes on Tuesday and Thursday from 4:15-4:45.  Our ALL NEW Little Ninjas class is geared toward kids between the ages of 5 and 7 and instills focus, confidence and self-discipline in students from the very first class.  Our staff of instructors is here to help your child learn about hard work, respect and other important life skills associated with our character development program.

Contact us below to schedule an intro lesson for this ALL NEW class time.  During the first intro lesson, your child will learn many of the fundamental white belt moves and martial arts etiquette and will be given the opportunity to earn their white belt at their second intro lesson!  We are also enrolling for this section on Monday and Wednesday for the 4:00pm time slot as well as a newly opened class with 10 opening still available for youth between the ages of 8-12 from 4:45-5:30 on Tuesday and Thursday.

Click here to schedule your child an intro lesson for one of our programs.  You can also call or text at 479-214-1245 or e-mail us at