Martial Arts offers more than just the ability to learn how to defend yourself. Regardless of your age, gender, and physical skill set, it teaches us to become better people. Russellville, AR has always been home to Forca Martial Arts and we're proud to be able to teach kids, youth, and adults. Forca Martial Arts and Fitness in Russellville offers intro classes that will give you an opportunity with no obligations to learn more about the benefits of martial arts. 


  • Confidence
    Building confidence starts at the very beginning of our kid’s martial arts program. Confidence will improve social skills, thought process, and increase your well-being.

  • Discipline
    Every kid needs direction, guidance, and the opportunity to grow. Martial Arts teaches your kid that discipline is important and rules are there for a reason. Martial arts has taken some of the most undisciplined people and turned them into world champions. Martial arts is a lifestyle that will positively affect your life in all areas. We've taken unruly children and turned them into some of the most disciplined and respectable kids in Russellville, AR.

  • Self-Defense
    Our program is based around real world techniques that can used to defend you. Forca Martial Arts in Russellville has a bully prevention system that all students will become experts in. Self-Defense will empower you to have the tools needed to defend yourself and family if the situation ever arises.

  • Teamwork
    Our foundation is built around taking care and trusting one another. Your training partner is your most valuable asset in any dojo or academy. We do drills together, grapple together, workout together, and compete together. 

  • Physical Fitness
    Martial arts offers a challenging yet fun workout that will have you in the best shape of your life. We promote a healthy lifestyle and our students are proof that martial arts and a healthy lifestyle improve your overall fitness. Our classes such as brazilian jiu jitsu, taekwondo, wrestling, fitness kickboxing, judo, offer a full body workout.

  • Respect
    Being a Martial Artist isn't for everyone. Our students are taught from the beginning that respecting one another is part of the martial artist creed. Respecting your lienage, instructor, teammates, and facility is a big part of our kids martial arts program in Russellville, AR. 

  • Well Being
    At Forca Martial Arts, our program is designed to improve your life, psychological, and physical well being. The benefits include reduction in stress, longer attention span, boosted self-confidence, good decision making, improved motor skills, better social skills, and long lasting friendships. 

To learn more about Kids Martial Arts and it's benefits, stop by Forca Martial Arts in Russellville, AR at the address listed below or give us a call. 

Forca Martial Arts & Fitness | 900 West E Street Russellville, AR 72801 (479)-214-1245