Força Family, we need your help. As many of you know, in addition to the rapid growth in membership we’ve experienced since moving into our new digs, Força has also been expanding its non-profit community outreach programs. These programs – including the RPD Boxing Club, Project Warrior, and Força Community Martial Arts – have been instrumental in shaping one of Força’s primary missions: Sharing the benefits of martial arts training with people in our community who might otherwise never have opportunity to experience those benefits.

As members of our Força family, you know well the myriad physical, mental, and social benefits that our facility, our staff, and our membership community provide, and we hope you support our goal of sharing these benefits with others through our outreach programs.

In March, Força will host a yard sale to raise funds needed to support our community outreach programs, and here is where you can help. If you would like to donate to our cause, we are currently collecting items and storing them underneath the boxing ring. We are also planning a drop-off day specifically for large items and will let members know those details as soon as possible.

We love our Força family, and our outreach members are an important part of our community. Your donations for the yard sale will help us maintain the growing success of these programs and continue our mission of sharing the incredible benefits of the martial arts with those in our community who need it most.

Bring donations to the gym at any time and stay tuned for more information on a drop-off day for large items. And as always, thank you for being a Força good.  We are located near downtown Russellville and Stoby’s at 900 West E. Street here in Russellville.  Thank you again to the Russellville and River Valley Community for their continued support.


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