New 8-12 year old MMA classes now forming at Força Martial Arts in Russellville, AR.

Due to the rapid growth of our kids martial arts program, we will be enhancing our schedule with the addition of a new 8-12 year old class every Tuesday and Thursday at 4:45pm. Classes will begin on Tuesday, September 20.

Parents currently enrolled in the program may find this schedule more convenient. If you are a current member and this time slot is more convenient for you, please sign your child up at the front desk. Space will be limited for this new class to twenty total students. The availability of these additional time slots will also be beneficial for students needing to make up absences to maintain testing eligibility. We are currently enrolling new students for this time slot, but spaces are limited.

All new students registering for this program will go through two private intro lessons where one of our instructors will help them earn their very first martial arts white belt. From their very first lesson they will begin to learn about focus, confidence, self-discipline, respect, self-control, and of course kicks, punches and other awesome self-defense techniques! After memorizing our student creed, completing a random act of kindness and reviewing their beginner techniques during the second lesson, students will receive their promotion to white belt and will begin group classes.

If you are interested in scheduling your son or daughter for their intro lessons, please see the contact information below and let us know a time that works best for your schedule. We are located at 900 West E. Street, Russellville, AR. 72801. If you have any questions about our class schedules or programs please feel free to call or text us at 479-214-1245 or visit us online at