The Russellville Boxing Club is a 501c3 and has been Serving the River Valley Community since 1997.

It is only through the support of the local community that we are able to reach our mission statement each year.  The Russellville Boxing Club accrues several annual costs in order to provide a top-notch community boxing club.  Boxing classes are held weekly and are free of charge for all members of the River Valley community.

As the 2018 boxing season approaches, The Russellville Boxing Club is in need of support from our community to assist with equipment, registrations, and operational costs.



Proper headgear is necessary for training and competition.  USA Boxing requires a special type of headgear, and it is our goal to provide all students attending the boxing program headgear that meets USA Boxing standards. 



It is our goal to provide each member quality-boxing gloves that meet USA Boxing standards.  These gloves are used for training but can also be used for upcoming fundraising events.  The Russellville Boxing Club will be hosting a boxing show in 2018 and bringing competitive boxing back to Russellville for the first time in over 10 years!



We have been fortunate to be able to provide uniforms for all of our students, but as we continue to grow our program, more sizes are needed.  We launder all uniforms in our facility for each student on the roster but are in need of additional uniforms and laundry soap to help us provide each youth, teen, and adult with a quality boxing uniform.



Boxing shoes are required for competition and protection while training.  Currently we are only able to provide boxing shoes for competitors.  It is our goal to provide each student in the program with a uniform and a pair of boxing shoes when they arrive for class.



Annual USA Boxing registrations are required for the Russellville Boxing Club and for each coach and competitor that will be competing at local events throughout the state in 2018.  You can sponsor one of our students or coaches directly, or you can sponsor the club for the 2018 season.

The Russellville Boxing Club thanks you for your continued support in our programs.

The Russellville Boxing Club is located at 900 West E. Street in Russellville, AR.  Call (479) 214-1245 or stop by anytime to tour our facility or to speak with an instructor about our programs.

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