Team LDMA founder and head coach Danny Dring was recently awarded his 4th degree Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Maceio, Brazil from his Instructor Toni DePontes Emanuel.

Master Dring is a life long Martial Artist and holds the ranks of 8th degree Black Belts in Taekwondo and with Bill Wallace in the Superfoot System. Mr. Dring also holds the ranks of 7th Degree Black Belts in the Joe Lewis Fighting System and in Weeping Style Jujutsu.

Master Dring was also the first Arkansan promoted to the rank of black belt in the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and has since grown Team LDMA into an association of martial arts academies spanning across the United States.

Força Martial Arts traces their lineage through the Inferno Martial Arts System to Master Dring.  Força head coaches, Brian and Cora Wilson, both hold rank in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Master Dring and Mr. Kaleb Plank, owner of Inferno Martial Arts in Northwest Arkansas.

Master Dring will be leading the next rank review at Força Martial Arts on Thursday, November 2, 2017.  Team LDMA Rank Reviews are not a formal martial arts testing but a review and demonstration of knowledge facilitated by instructors and led by all the ranks in attendance

Kids will begin at 5:30pm followed by adults at 7:00pm on Thursday evening.  All youth and adult Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes will be cancelled, but Fitness Kickboxing and Youth MMA and Boxing classes will be held at their normal times.  Please let your instructor know if you will be attending this team event.

Interested in learning more about our martial arts program? Contact us to get started.

3 New Black Belts at Forca Martial Arts & Fitness Russellville AR

It’s not everyday a student is awarded a black belt in martial arts. This acheivement takes hard work, dedication, commitment, and perserverance. Those are the qualities you can find being put to use everyday at Forca Martial Arts & Fitness in Russellville, AR. This past weekend the following students were awarded their black belts after undergoing a rigorous testing criteria that featured a panel.

Judo Black Belt

Brian Wilson
Judo Sensei Joshua McMillian and a panel of 6 black belts administered Brian’s rigorous Judo testing. Brian talks about his judo journey, trials and tribulations, and pays gratitude to his mentors and teamates below.

Black Belt, Inferno Combat Systems

Cora Wilson
A panel of black belts instructors placed Cora through a strict testing criteria. Cora earned her black belt in the Inferno Combat Systems developed by Professor Kaleb Plank of Inferno Fitness & Martial Arts. Several LDMA black belts were part of the certification process including Master Danny Dring.

Jr Black Belt, Inferno Combat Systems

Evan Edwards
Evan was also awarded a black belt under the Inferno Combat Systems program. Evan is one of the longest running students at Forca Martial Arts & Fitness. It’s taken him 6 years to get to this point in his martial arts journey. Check out highlights from his testing criteria below.

The Gentle Way.....

Judo wasn’t always the most gentle art for me. As a matter of fact, the very first judo seminar I ever attended I was thrown somewhat poorly and fell somewhat poorly and broke my collar bone. That was 2009 and the day after I received my blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

What started as a humble study and a means to broaden my abilities as a mixed martial artists and a jiu-jitsu competitor, I began to study judo with an intense passion.

Had Mr. Dean not shown interest in teaching me early on, it is doubtful that what has been an incredible journey may not have ever begun. I am proud and honored to know this man and call him my mentor. Their are so many things he has shown me that I will never forget and I look forward to learning even more.

I learned pretty quickly that judo was more than just a collection of Throws, but an intricate art with overlooked obscurities that broadened many aspects of my martial arts.

I was fortunate enough to eventually run into Sensei Joshua McMillian who was a major part of giving even more roots to a judo program at our academy and my continued evolution on and off the mats. Thank you for believing in me and investing in me and continuing to pour your knowledge into me and the rest of our students. You breathed life into our judo program. I am proud to call you coach and friend.

It is an honor to receive every rank that I have tested for from this panel of black belts. It was my goal to showcase elements of judo that I had learned from everyone throughout the past 7 years. From team workouts and classes/drilling with Jeremy Bushong to having Stephen Gourley in for seminars and regretting it after the first time he threw me, your martial arts are forever preserved in our traditions.

Thank you Nathan Murdock. I have always learned to much from you and your influence on me as a martial artist continues to this day. You are my brother. Thank you for always being there.

Danny Dring Ldma and Kaleb Plank without the time and patience you have both poured into me, my school, my students, Cora…it’s hard to imagine any of this being possible without the guidance and influence in this entire journey. I am forever grateful for mentors like these. These people have all influenced my art and my life in positive ways and I look forward to continuing my progress with such an awesome group of individuals helping light my way forward. Thank you for this great honor.

Black Belt Ceremony and highlights of Cora and Evan from this past weekend. Rank presented by Master Danny Dring, Professor Kaleb Plank, and Coach Brian Wilson.

Cora in action during her Inferno Combat Systems testing.

Thanks to everyone that helped take pictures and videos of the ceremony.
Keitha Wilson, Brandy Edwards, Jessica Williams, Taylor Heflin

Keanu Reeves Does What??


Brazilian jiu-jitsu has garnered more attention in recent years. No doubt this is in part due to the practical nature and self-defense application of jiu-jitsu, but celebrity grapplers have also played a role in putting jiu-jitsu in the spotlight. Here are a few stars that you might want to meet on the mats!

Anthony Bourdain of Travel Channel fame is one of the oldest celebrities to train Brazilian jiu-jitsu. The 60 year old blue belt won gold in his first tournament last year. Bourdain began his jiu-jitsu journey with his now ex-wife and the couple’s young daughter also train jiu-jitsu.

Brazilian jiu-jitsu brown belt and Fast and the Furious superstar, Paul Walker was awarded his black belt posthumously after his tragic death in a car accident in 2013.  Walker’s training background in BJJ is evident in many films in which he stars.

Maynard James Keenan, lead singer of Tool, spent 19 years as a blue belt before earning his purple belt. Maynard is most likely noted for his off the mat choke known as “the fan incident” when he grappled a fan who came on stage. The singer pulled out a judo throw and put the fan in a rear naked choke, never missing a beat as he kept singing.

Funny guy and That 70s Show star Ashton Kutcher is another popularly known celebrity that trains in the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Kutcher is a BJJ purple belt and has even been brought up in conversation claiming he could beat MMA superstar Conor McGregor in grappling. Kutcher has spent most of his time on the mats training in private sessions, so you probably won’t see him while you are cross training!

Ed O’Neill may not be the most famous celebrity to practice Brazilian jiu-jitsu, but he has probably been at it the longest! The 70 year-old actor has been training for over 20 years and ultimately earned his black belt in 2007.

Vince Vaughn on the other hand is a relative newbie to the mats. Interested in the bully proofing aspect of the sport, Vaughn visited a class with his daughter and then promptly signed himself up for classes. At age 46, the white belt has a long way to go in his jiu-jitsu journey.

Keanu Reeves is another white belt on the Brazilian jiu-jitsu list of fame. Reeves is a well-known action star so it is no wonder he chose to pursue judo and jiu-jitsu after being introduced to the sports while filming for his movie John Wick (2014). Reeves’ introduction to jiu-jitsu might make you wonder – why don’t more actions stars train?

Demi Lovato is another new converts to the martial arts world. She can be regularly seen at UFCs and MMA crowds alongside her MMA fighter boyfriend, Guilherme Vasconcelos. Demi is a white belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and also trains mixed martial arts. We wouldn’t be surprised to see this star turn be promoted to blue belt soon.

You might have seen this next jiu jitsu artist in the very famous Resident Evil film. Movie star Milla Jovovich trains at Anderson’s Martial Arts in New York City with Danny Anderson, a Clarksville Arkansas native and BJJ Black Belt. Who would have thought a small town guy would be teaching movie stars to choke people?

The youngest star on the list today is the one of the co-stars of the trendy 80s sci-fi mystery Netflix series Stranger Things, Millie Bobby Brown. Brown is a two-tip Brazilian jiu jitsu white belt at the age of 13.

Join the ranks of the stars! Contact Forca Martial Arts and Fitness to set up an introductory lesson and learn how you can begin your Brazilian jiu-jitsu journey.

Forca Martial Arts and Fitness is located at 900 West E. Street in Russellville, AR. Visit us online at https://www.ForcaMMA.com for program info, to schedule a free intro lesson or to contact us with any questions about our upcoming events.


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Russellville Martial Arts Academy Hosts Final Testing in December, Date & Info Here

As we approach 2017 we are preparing for our final testing of the year for our Martial Arts programs December 15-17 at Força Martial Arts & Fitness Kickboxing.

We will begin by testing students from our Judo program on Thursday evening, December 15 at 6:30pm.  Regular evening adult Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Project Warrior Grappling classes will be cancelled in order to facilitate this event.  All students not participating are invited and encouraged to attend in support of your teammates.

Our team Judo workout on November 19th will offer students an awesome opportunity to review our current information before testing.  We will be also be offering a mock testing review for all classes on December 7-8 during normal class times.

On Friday, December 16th we will test our Little Ninjas from our 5-7 year old program at 5:30pm.  Plan for testing to take right around one hour for this group.  Our Youth and Teen program  testing will kick off on Saturday morning, December 16, at 11:00am.  All students please remember to bring your weapons and sparring gear.  If you are a green belt or above and you are color changing, you are required to attend the regular group testing in order to advance.


Our Adult MMA program will test Saturday evening with Kickboxing at 4:30pm and Grappling at 6:00pm.  Intermediate kickboxers that are level changing are required to spar.  Please remember all of your gear and to wear your current rank t-shirt testing.

Our awards and promotions ceremony will be held on Sunday afternoon at 2:00pm and will commence with board breaks followed by a performance by our Martial Arts Demo Team.  We will be doing a group photo with all testees after we hand out belts, t-shirts, certificates and awards.

There will be a make-up testing offered will be held for students below senior orange or students testing for a stripe/senior rank at intermediate or advanced (Green-Brown) on Saturday, December 31 at 11:00am.  Please register at the front desk for testing or make-up testing at your earliest convenience.

7 Benefits of Kids Martial Arts at Forca Martial Arts & Fitness in Russellville, AR

Martial Arts offers more than just the ability to learn how to defend yourself. Regardless of your age, gender, and physical skill set, it teaches us to become better people. Russellville, AR has always been home to Forca Martial Arts and we're proud to be able to teach kids, youth, and adults. Forca Martial Arts and Fitness in Russellville offers intro classes that will give you an opportunity with no obligations to learn more about the benefits of martial arts. 


  • Confidence
    Building confidence starts at the very beginning of our kid’s martial arts program. Confidence will improve social skills, thought process, and increase your well-being.

  • Discipline
    Every kid needs direction, guidance, and the opportunity to grow. Martial Arts teaches your kid that discipline is important and rules are there for a reason. Martial arts has taken some of the most undisciplined people and turned them into world champions. Martial arts is a lifestyle that will positively affect your life in all areas. We've taken unruly children and turned them into some of the most disciplined and respectable kids in Russellville, AR.

  • Self-Defense
    Our program is based around real world techniques that can used to defend you. Forca Martial Arts in Russellville has a bully prevention system that all students will become experts in. Self-Defense will empower you to have the tools needed to defend yourself and family if the situation ever arises.

  • Teamwork
    Our foundation is built around taking care and trusting one another. Your training partner is your most valuable asset in any dojo or academy. We do drills together, grapple together, workout together, and compete together. 

  • Physical Fitness
    Martial arts offers a challenging yet fun workout that will have you in the best shape of your life. We promote a healthy lifestyle and our students are proof that martial arts and a healthy lifestyle improve your overall fitness. Our classes such as brazilian jiu jitsu, taekwondo, wrestling, fitness kickboxing, judo, offer a full body workout.

  • Respect
    Being a Martial Artist isn't for everyone. Our students are taught from the beginning that respecting one another is part of the martial artist creed. Respecting your lienage, instructor, teammates, and facility is a big part of our kids martial arts program in Russellville, AR. 

  • Well Being
    At Forca Martial Arts, our program is designed to improve your life, psychological, and physical well being. The benefits include reduction in stress, longer attention span, boosted self-confidence, good decision making, improved motor skills, better social skills, and long lasting friendships. 

To learn more about Kids Martial Arts and it's benefits, stop by Forca Martial Arts in Russellville, AR at the address listed below or give us a call. 

Forca Martial Arts & Fitness | 900 West E Street Russellville, AR 72801 (479)-214-1245

Russellville Martial Arts Academy Testing Events for October, Kids, Youth, & Adults

Russellville Martial Arts Academy to Hold Youth and Adult Martial Arts Testing
Força Martial Arts/Russellville Fitness Kickboxing
Hosts Testing Events Throughout the Month of October

Import our academy events right into your calendar, mobile friendly!

This group of Russellville Martial Artists have been working diligently on our current material and are excited and prepared to perform their techniques and information at our next series of testing events this October.

There will be a mock testing and curriculum review on Wednesday, October 5 during normal class times for all programs. This gives instructors an opportunity to evaluate individual progress and retention and provide detailed feedback about student readiness. Students having issues with a particular technique or combination are encouraged to schedule a private lesson with one of their instructors. More event on this can be found here.

Our next Testing event will be an Adult Judo Testing held at our academy on Saturday, October 8. Formal testing begins at 1:00pm and will be administrated by a special guest panel of Judo Black Belts from across the state. The testing panel will provide individual student assessments and feedback to aid in continued improvement.

Later in October, we will be conducting our youth and adult Mixed Martial Arts testing from October 21-23. Our 5-7 year old kids MMA program will be testing Friday, October 21 at 5:30pm followed Youth and Teens the following morning at 11:00am. Adults will conclude on the evening of Saturday, Oct. 22 with a Kickboxing and Submission Grappling that evening at 4:30pm and 6:00pm. Check out our facebook event to learn more about testing week.

There will be a promotions and awards ceremony on Sunday, October 23 at 2:00pm for all students and families. Be sure and attend the ceremony to see a special performance by our Martial Arts Demo Team! There will be a make-up testing offered for non level/color changing students on Saturday, October 29 at 11:00am.