There are few worse positions in all of combat sports or self-defense than being stuck underneath someone’s mounted position.  From a self-defense perspective this is one of the best positions to learn how to escape.

The mounted position is a popular and effective offensive position in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo and Mixed Martial Arts. Learning how to deal with a trained opponent who may know the proper way to distribute their weight and be effective with punches from the this position can be overwhelming.

A few defensive concepts can go a long way against an untrained attacker, but the most effective approach to dealing with bad situations is to take a consistent approach to learning self-defense by attending a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, self-defense or other martial arts class which addresses these situations from the perspective of both a trained and untrained opponent.

Self-defense techniques like escaping someone holding you down is something that even lifelong martial artists, law enforcement and everyday people hope to never have to use, but the reality is, if you need to defend yourself, you want to be able to remain calm and mentally collected and be in the know when it comes to what to do in an unexpected situation.

Check out this video on concepts and strategies about the “do’s and don’ts of escaping the mounted position.

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